BPA-Free SIGG WaterBottle / Candy Yellow - Prototype3


BPA-Free SIGG WaterBottle / Candy Yellow - Prototype3

17.99 34.99
  • Classic SIGG design
  • 20 oz. (0.6L) bottle
  • BPA-free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Leak-proof
  • Laser Engraved



Hi everyone! IMPORTANT! Before you purchase! These bottles are prototypes. We can't stress that enough. They are prototypes, therefore they are not perfect. They are perfect to drink from of course, but the design just has a couple quirks and kinks in it that weren't exactly the same enough to sell. So what does this mean for you? NOTHING if you want a one of a kind bottle that no one else would ever have which would make you totally rad. There are only 9 different bottles available. If you are order a prototype, you will get 10% your next order and will be automatically entered into a drawing to receive a FREE bottle for you and any friend or family member you choose :)

But why are we doing this if they aren't perfect? Because like you, we don't mind a little bit of imperfection and there's nothing worse than a perfectly good bottle that holds water sitting around the warehouse and taking up space.

Being that these bottles aren't perfect, we are selling them at a much reduced cost thats what they normally would cost. Since we are being very open about this, there is NO refund.

What will the bottles look like? Well, some might be a little off centered, too high, too low, too right, too left. The coating on the outside wasn't all the way lasered away on others. And with others the logo was too big or too small and even too close together.

If you aren't 100% happy with the bottle, we highly recommend not trying to do things like scratch off the paint from where the logo is because you will only scratch the paint of the bottle thats actually supposed to be there.


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