Fair Trade

Ethically Made Clothing and Accessories

Everything that carries the Indigenous name is made through true fair trade conditions that can be verified.  We adhere to fair labor standards that are unprecedented in any industry.

Fair Trade standards strictly adhered to by The Nature's Orchestra, include:

Provide fair wages in the local context

Support safe, healthy, and participatory workplaces

Supply financial and technical support

Offer shared community planning to build capacity

Ensure environmental sustainability

Respect and embrace cultural identity of families and community

Build direct and long-term relationships

Educate and collaborate with partners on sustainability

Fair Trade is not charity
Fair Trade is paying a fair wage for masterful, valuable work while providing the necessary assistance to help make the worker more successful in the international marketplace.  Indigenous partners directly with organizations to provide training, educational materials, financing and equipment that otherwise could not be afforded.  As we continue to grow, Indigenous will endeavor to connect the company's long-term financial performance to that of the individual artisans, international sales team and California-based operations team without sacrificing the environment.

The heart of our company
Indigenous is a pioneer and leader in ethical and eco-friendly fashion, operating a fair trade production model that is one of the most stable, equitable and profitable foreign trade models in existence.  We are confident that for every Indigenous garment purchased more money is going to directly support artisans than any other apparel company on the planet. Over a decade ago, Indigenous was founded on the rich culture and knitting traditions of native artisans in South America.