Art is a powerful, and the expression is one of the most effective means of communication. It should not only be effective in an aesthetic and communicative sense, but also serve as inspiration in the way that it is created. Being conscious of the all elements it took to create it is as powerful as it, itself.

Essentially, the ideal form of creating art should not be at the cost of anyone or anything, but should stand as an example to show how all the elements that go into a product are as important as the purpose of the product itself. The core belief of those at The Nature’s Orchestra is that through art we can, and should, inspire others, raise awareness to our cause and providing an honest and sustainable product of quality.

The Nature’s Orchestra uses an organic t-shirt as our main artistic medium for the simple reasons that t-shirts are walking, talking billboards that almost everyone owns, therefore creating a broad base for a message that can travel far and wide. Our main canvas takes place on organic t-shirts as a means of creating an honest product that provides connections between conscious consumers and the earth. Using an organic t-shirt creates a message that can not only spread a positive message about animal rights and advocate sustainable methods of manufacturing, but also serve in a functional sense as well.

We begin our product selection with a search for “pure” cotton. This means that the cotton is grown under strict standards and that the final product is made without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals. This also means that we are choosing materials that are produced through natural and sustainable methods that will not harm our precious ecosystem during the growth or after the harvest. Simply put, organic cotton is the purest and most natural form of cotton and creates a beautiful start to the design process.

We then adorn our organic t-shirts with simple, thoughtful, inspiring designs with a minimalist view that creates a timeless style. All these factors combined leave us with a powerful product that has great versatility. The simplicity of our designs leaves you with an organic t-shirt that can match anything you wear, and knowing the high standards to which we hold our product will make you feel good wearing it. No matter what your style, we can guarantee “eco-friendly” will look good on you.

It is no question that when you choose to wear an organic t-shirt by The Nature’s Orchestra, the deeper meaning lies in the fact that you are choosing to live your life in natural, organic cotton and organic clothing that provides a natural way to look good and feel your best. We encourage you to breathe deeply because when you’re wearing a soft, comfortable, organic t-shirt that is good for the environment, you can’t help but feel anything except good.

By now you may have noticed that you will not often find The Nature’s Orchestra throwing around the word “green.” Green is a color, and “going green” is just one small aspect of the bigger idea. Let us ask ourselves what the ideal product would be and ask ourselves how to achieve it. If you make a product that is more environmentally friendly, but a child laborer makes it, then is this really a beneficial contribution to society? That is why we are doing our part and participating in fair trade – among other World Fair Trade Organizations – for a safe and healthy working environment for producers and the application of responsible methods of production. The Nature’s Orchestra is concerned about its impact on the world in a way that resonates on many levels: humanitarian, political, environmental, agricultural, and individual physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Being conscious and aware of your carbon footprint and the impact you have on the planet is the “green” aspect to the bigger picture where each individual is conscious of their life’s footprint and the footprints they’ve left on people, places, and things to get to where they’re going. Green is a color. Consciousness is a way of life.

When it comes down to it, clothing is one of the few things that all people have in common throughout the world. As consumers of clothing, what we buy links us to an enormous range of social, economic, political, and environmental issues. It is for these very reasons that we must take responsibility to help the planet and all its inhabitants seriously endeavor to create products that are organic and eco-friendly.

Some say that there are two sides to every story, but when you use chemicals that are harmful to grow cotton, there is only story, and one end to the story, and that is the slow deterioration of the natural earth around us. When you hurt our beloved earth, you’re threatening our way of life. Worst of all, when you use harmful chemicals, you are hurting the animals that don’t even have a say in what happens to their rivers, lakes, oceans, beaches, valleys, and mountains, they depend upon to exist. These places are their homes. It is obvious that we can use methods that are less harmful to their and our ecosystems, and so it is only logical that we should. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; we are only hoping to raise awareness about the obvious wrongs of conventional production. 

Everyday we are committed to improving our methods of designing, manufacturing, and transporting The Nature’s Orchestra products so that we can improve efficiency and help reduce our carbon footprint, ultimately creating a better world for all of us. At The Nature’s Orchestra, we feel we are simply unofficial public servants serving the greater good of the world. We don’t need a title or a position in office to make a difference; only passion and perseverance. Our actions and efforts to raise awareness for animal rights are only strengthened by our use of organic materials to promote environmental sustainability. In the words of Dr. Cornel West, "The only countervailing force against organized money at the top is organized people at the bottom." We at The Nature’s Orchestra are that countervailing force. We take his words to heart as a grass roots organization simply doing our part and making a positive contribution to society by providing products and services that resonate not only a creative level, but also on a sustainable one as well. Our simultaneous efforts for supporting animal rights and environmental responsibility won’t be easy, but we’re up for the challenge. The road is long and less traveled, but grass roots efforts like ours are where all changes start, and, as far as we can see, with support from like-minded individuals, the end is only limited by our collective imaginations.